PanCake (Rootless)


Compatibility: This package is compatible with iOS 11.0 to 16.7.

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Bring interactive dismiss gesture on the whole screen to all apps! Also adds the ability to restore previous closed page.

Do you enjoy the swipe back gesture to dismiss current view, which we can use in apps like Facebook, Twitter, Apollo, …? PanCake brings this gesture to ALL of your apps, including stock ones and the ones from App Store!

Without PanCake, you can swipe back to go to previous screen by swiping from the left edge of the screen to the right. With PanCake, you can do this gesture without having to start from the edge, which is way more convenient!

Restore previous page:

Swipe from right edge of your screen to restore previously closed page. And yes, the page is restored at the same scroll offset!

Blacklist apps:

Some apps may have conflicting gestures. For example, in Spotify, swiping from Left to Right on a song name will allow you to add the song to the queue. That's why I've added a blacklist where you can select apps in which you want the gesture disabled. I've also already added some apps in blacklist default list, because they already have this gesture implemented natively.

Haptic Feedback:

Add a nice Haptic Feedback on dismiss end. Try it, you'll love how it feels.

It also supports phone with Right to Left layout, so people with RTL are not left away!


Unfortunately, Cephei is broken on Rootless jailbreaks for sandboxed processes. Since PanCake injects into apps, it is affected by this, leading to PanCake settings not being correctly applied in apps. Because of this, your blacklist/haptic settings won't be applied. For now, please use Choicy to blacklist PanCake in specific apps.

PanCake is open-source! Check out the code here.

Feel free to follow me on my Twitter @AnthoPak to get live updates about my tweaks :)

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This version





iOS 11.0 to 16.7



  • Replace AppList with AltList to support iOS 15
  • Automatically migrate blacklisted apps settings from AppList to AltList


  • Back gesture on the whole screen can now be disabled in settings (for those only interested on restore previous page feature)
  • Add support for haptic feedback on devices below iPhone 7


  • Add the ability to restore previously closed pages by swiping left from right edge
  • Refactor settings page
  • Optimizations
  • Don't inject PanCake into SpringBoard by default anymore. You can enable it in prefs
  • Fix bug with Spotlight when using dictionary or contact view


  • Add the ability to choose the haptic feedback strength
  • Improvements & Optimizations
  • Fix some crashes